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Baldness treatment

Before understanding the treatment of baldness we should know about the meaning, causes, and symptoms of this issue.

Baldness means excessive loss of hairs from the head. It is also known as androgen tic alopecia.  The causes are a genetic problem, male hormones, and an increase in age. The symptoms of balding are receding hairline in men, thinning on top of the head of a person, and widening hair part in women.

There are two types of baldness treatment procedures available, these are as follows:

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

It is a very much popular surgery type in Turkey. This is used for both men and women for curing baldness problems. FUE is also used for treating accident that requires hair surgeries. In this, each graft is planted to the affected area one by one.  It requires so many grafts for being transplanted so doctors need to identify the area from which they can extract hairs for grafting.

Firstly the patient got a consultation with the doctor where the condition of the patient, the area from where grafts to be made, etc. Is discussed. After that, the procedure got performed on the specified date decided. After getting over surgery patients need to take care of them for some days as suggested by the doctor. The surgery from this method is painless.

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

It is the latest technology in hair transplantation. It is known as the donor strip method. This large section from the scalp from the backside of the head has been extracted and placed as grafts to the affected area. It is done using incisions.  This procedure can be getting done on a female or male. It is a high precision method of surgery as compared to FUE.

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