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Beard Transplant & Scar Revision

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Beard Transplant&Scar Revision

The most common reason for the loss of beard hair is the lack of hormones in that area. Hormone replacement therapy can be used as a solution for beard loss. Medications are not yet possible for beard growing, as it is not generally successful.

 The best and the most efficient treatment is the facial hair transplant. Grafts are taken from the donor area and implanted in the recipient area of thebeard. Facial hair transplant differ from a hair transplant in the way that the transplanted graft ought to be implanted parallel with 30-40 degree angle to the natural angle of hair growth of the facial hair.

 What is the Scar Revision?

 Scar revision is essential for the person who had a hair transplant operation in the sense of psychology and physical appearance. Completely removing scars is not possible, but they can be closed with hair.

 The vanishing of the injuries and consume stamps in the zones where the head, eyebrow, mustache, facial hair, and so forth can outwardly influence the individual won’t just pull in consideration of the general population yet additionally gain the certainty of the individual. With the Fue technique utilized in hair transplantation, you can without much of a stretch dispose of this inconveniences which outwardly influence you by taking just a couple of hours. You will encounter an agreeable task process within sight of nearby anesthesia, and you can come back to your public activity in a couple of days.