• April 4, 2021
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Covid 19 and weight loss

The challenge people are facing during Covid 19 and weight loss is losing weight as gyms are not operating at full capacity so people are not able to go there and able to exercise properly.

The schedule of people is not in line as they are doing some or other thing without having any timetable as people are working from home and do not have proper eating habits that increase the weight. Some common weight loss mistakes are as follows:

Staying at home is not working in favour of you

Because of Covid 19 people are not going to work place and working from home so they get more time for exercise as their time of travelling is saved.

But they don’t utilize the time they are getting properly they use it for scrolling social media instead of going for walk, stretching, or some workout. The solution to this mistake is to make a proper timetable and discipline you to do each and everything.

Using quick fixes

Now a day’s people following keto diet where they do intermittent fasting which makes them more tempting towards the food as they are not having it.

so once they end up with the diet they go over it and start eating unnecessarily. That will not lose weight during Covid. The solution to this issue is maintaining a sustainable rather than keto diet or fad diets.

covid 19 and weight loss

Excessive exercise

People feel that doing more exercise will reduce weight but they don’t follow good eating habits that will not help them anyway.

They have to maintain the good eating habit along with exercise to get good results out of it. the solution is taking breaks for recovery during exercise and be consistent during Covid for weight loss.

There can be certain other mistakes people do but the main solution is to be consistent in exercise and maintaining good eating habits to lose weight during Covid.

Weight Loss Surgery After Covid 19

Bariatric surgery changes the life of a person in various ways, these are as follows:

People will be able to be more active physically now. They don’t feel difficulty in doing their daily chores or going outside.

People now focus on life rather than on food as they do before Obesity surgery as their thought process got changes by seeing themself fit now.

Weight Loss Surgery changes the hormones produces by the intestine and bacteria that are found in the gut.

This affects the appetite of the person, and hormonal changes affect the brain and guts for food.