• April 17, 2021
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Covid vaccine and Plastic surgery

The effect of Covid 19 can be seen on aesthetic plastic surgery in every country. As surgeons are closing their practices due to the cancellation of surgeries by patients both domestic and international patients.

The surgeons are experiencing a 90% decrease in the business of plastic surgery as people are going out for necessary surgeries and delaying or canceling elective plastic surgeries. This scenario is creating a financial crisis for the aesthetic surgeons, staff, and everyone related to this field as they are not getting revenue.

Covid vaccine and Plastic surgery

Some people still continue to get the elective plastic surgery done but the surgeons are limiting them self by:

  • Not performing surgery on patients whose age is more than 70 years.
  • Preventing handshakes with patients
  • Not operating people who are a smoker
  • Operating patients who have BMI<40
  • Not operating patients who are suffering from lung disease
  • Avoiding patients who have diabetic 2 condition

After COVID-19 the way of living is changed now we have to adopt a new way of living lives as people are losing their jobs and also their lives got disturbed due to shut down of their businesses so they are not able to afford the optional plastic surgery as their main focus on survival rather than getting the plastic surgery done.

Now the main focus of people is saving themself from Covid as people are afraid of the virus to their family and they do not want to take chance for plastic surgery against the risk of life. Also, the government occupied most of the hospitals for the stay of Covid patients regardless of the category of surgery the hospital belongs so people fear to get in contact with Covid patients so they delayed or cancel the plastic surgery. So the solutions required to be analyzed and found to attract the patients and removing their fear of the virus.