• September 25, 2021
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DHI and Sapphire Hair Transplant in Turkey

Dhı Hair Transplant in Turkey

DHI hair transplantation is done using an implanter pen injector. In this surgery, in turkey, the grafts are taken from the donor area and implant in the area where it is required. The question arises of what is a graft means healthy tissues taken from a particular part of the body and implanted to the required area.

In DHI hair transplantation in turkey surgeon draws a new hairline as per the plans decided to treat the affected area. After that surgeon gives anesthesia to the patient at the donor part site. After the anesthesia starts working surgeon starts the extraction procedure and implants it to the area where it needs to be grafted. The results of the surgery show after 5-6 months once the DHI hair transplantation is done.

The cost of surgery is cheap as compared to other countries like Europe, the USA, or the UK. The Hair transplant cost in turkey is ranging between $2000 to $3500.

dhı hair transplant

Sapphire Hair Transplant in Turkey

In Sapphire Hair transplantation in Turkey, the process is done using a Sapphire blade. In the Sapphire technique, 5000-6000 grafts are transplanted in a session.  The healing in this technique takes very little time as it is a new invention in this area.  It is to be used where surgery needs to be performed at a larger transplantation area.

It is slightly cheaper as compared to DHI hair transplantation.  It takes about 8 hours for completing the process of surgery. In this technique edema level after surgery is lower. if a person went through this surgery he will recover faster as compared to other procedures.

Sapphire hair transplant in turkey provides a natural look after surgery as it got impacted by hair density and hair growth angle. The sapphire blade has antibacterial properties that help in creating micro channels for donor’s hair because of which level of risk is reduced.  It reduces the chances of fluid retention so a person can go for it without worry.

sapphıre fue hair trasnplant