• September 16, 2020
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Hair Transplant During Covid19

Hair Transplant During COVID 19 is possible?

Doctors recently indicate that there has been a significant increase in the number of people who come to their clinics with hair loss issues after the new type of coronavirus epidemic (Covid-19). Some drugs used in the treatment of high fever and disease seen in the Covid-19 period can increase hair loss. Also, doctors indicate that there is an increase in male pattern hair loss due to stress. The reason for this is that people do not leave their homes for a long time; most people experience economic difficulties and are dismissed from their jobs. The disconnection of older people and young people from social life and this situation has created a lot of stress that can cause hair loss in this period.

Awareness of Hair Loss

Hair loss is normally completed by shedding about 70-80 hair strands every day, which is defined as the resting period of the hair, which is experienced in certain processes in every person and comes out in a cycle. However, when the number of hair loss in the hair loss stage, which is called the resting stage, is 120 or more per day, it is defined as hair loss. When this is realized, patients should see doctors and relevant polyclinics before more than 2 months have passed. The gaps in oval shapes in the hair need to be treated.

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Appropriate Treatment Methods

Depending on the level of hair loss, nutrition, medication, or hair transplantation procedures can be recommended by doctors. Especially during the Covid-19 epidemic period, it is necessary to complete the deficiencies of the vitamins and minerals that mainly affect the hair of iron, folic acid, zinc, B12, and biotin in their bodies due to the lack of sunlight and not being properly fed. In the process of drug treatment, which is another treatment method, drug treatment can be applied to patients only after a blood analysis is performed by a specialist doctor.

Hair transplantation procedures are required for patients who cannot or cannot recover from nutritional and drug supplements to regain their old hair appearance. During the epidemic Covid-19 disease, you can choose Turkey for your hair transplant procedures. Turkey’s health care and medical center numbers are high compared to detected Covid-19 disease cases.

You can choose the Estexcellent Hair Transplant center for both FUE and DHI hair transplant operations. If you desired, hair transplantation can be performed with a special pen. The most suitable method for this process is the Sapphire Hair Transplant method and it can be executed in the Estexcellent Hair Transplant center in Istanbul, Turkey.