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During the transplantation with FUE system hair follicles are collected from the scalp by utilizing instruments to acquire fine follicles that imitate the natural eyebrow hair. In the event of complete transplantation, a high density is required.

 First Phase: The quantity of grafts and the operation plan are determined by our specialists

 Second Phase: The donor area is sanitized and is anesthetized. Local anesthesia is injected with the active substance to the operation area by an ultra-fine tip needle. For the individuals who has fear of needles or pain, there is a simpler and easier option. It guarantees that the active substance infiltrates the skin easily which is a spraying process, then we apply the needle on the area required for anesthesia after it becomes numb. That way the pain can be prevented.

 Third Phase: The hair is separated by using FUE Technique from the area where the density of hair is the high and the root is strong, that is the back of the neck. To be able to acquire tasteful and aesthetic outcomes, we attempt to remove single and fairly thinner hair donors from that area. The patient wouldn’t feel any pain since this area is numb.

 Fourth Phase: Depending on the consultation by the specialist, it is then decided on which of the “Sapphire,” “DHI” or “Slit” techniques will be used during the operation. The operation may take up to 2 to 4 hours in severe conditions such as a case of an individual suffered from complete loss of eyebrow.

Last Phase: On the day of operation, we apply treatment to the hair follicles on the eyebrow region. Transplanted hair on eyebrow develops within three months and accomplish a  dense and natural appearance.