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FUE Sapphire Pen Technique

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FUE Sapphire Pen Technique

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) Sapphire Technique is the channels, where the hair is implanted into the tissues through are opened not by metal, yet by pen with a tip made of sapphire blade which is a very valuable precious stone. By this method smoother and finer channels are created. Using sapphire tipped pen prevents scab formation. Transplanted grafts in FUE Sapphire Technique are taken by optimizing FUE Technique as in other transplantation systems, the difference is the sapphire blade is being utilized rather than the metal blade.

 First Phase: Our specialists determine the number of grafts and the application technique by discussing and explaining to the patient.

 Second Phase: The donor area is sanitized, The pain is prevented by injecting local anesthesia using ultra-fine tip needle. For the individuals with needle and pain fear, there is a simpler and easier option. It guarantees that the active substance infiltrates the skin easily by spraying process which makes the recipient area numb. Then the needle is injected that way the pain is prevented.

 Third Phase: The grafts are removed from the donor area where the hair has the highest density and is the strongest, that is the area on back of the head between two ears. The patient wouldn’t feel any pain since this area is numb. If more of donor tissues needed, then the next donor area is the chest or under the jawline (for men). The FUE Technique where the tissue is removed one by one that allows the specialist to ensure the plausibility of the technique in an exceedingly convenient manner to maximise the result in natural appearance.

 Fourth Phase: At this phase, FUE Sapphire Technique is used by opening micro channels  with sapphire tips optimising the natural angle of the hair growth on the area where the tissues will be transplanted. Since the patient is injected local anesthesia,there is no feel of pain during this procedure.

 Fifth Phase: Transplantation of the grafts are carried out according to a reasonable density and natural angle of hair growth on the recipient area.

 Last Phase: On the day of operation treatment is applied to the hair follicles. Following day, the first washing process is carried out in our center by our specialists. During the washing process, the patient is given instructions on about how to wash and look after the hair on following days, especially for the next ten days after the application. The patient is prescribed to take supplements for vitamin reinforcement and ozone oil treatment also recommended to have treatment. Within the next year and a half post-application process, the patient will be in contact with our advisors and be supported whenever needed following all stages.

 Focal points of FUE Sapphire Technique

 FUE Sapphire technique enables us to accomplish unquestionably more favorable and progressively successful outcomes. Sapphire tipped pen allows to open micro-channels, there is no crusting in the region of hair transplantation, and the recovery procedure is a lot quicker.  

 Utilizing the technique the hair follicles can be transplanted nearer to one another. In this way, a substantially more characteristic and natural appearance is accomplished since transplantation in the recipient are is performed more densely.