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Hair transplant surgery in Turkey

In principle, it is based on the transfer of the hair follicles, which are located in the side and back of the head and have the feature of not shedding, to balding areas. There are two techniques applied today. In the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplant technique, hair follicles are taken with the help of a motor and special needles designed for this purpose and transplanted into the recipient area. In cases where the number of hair is insufficient, hair roots can also be taken from the back and chest area. The FUE hair transplant technique has been successfully applied in recent years and has brought hair transplantation to the agenda with its good results.

Hair transplant surgery in Turkey

In every procedure performed, it is standard to take tissue pieces called grafts from the nape area with the help of a micro motor. After the grafts are properly taken, classified, and counted, they are placed in the channels opened by needles in the method called FUE hair transplant. In the direct sowing method, we call DHI, the graft is placed on the tip of a pen-like device, and it is placed directly into the channel opened by the tip of the pen without previously opening a channel. In this way, the DHI method brings with it the advantages of denser transplantation per unit area, the possibility to adjust the hair directions more properly and to traumatize the tissue less.

DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) is a technique that has recently emerged with the development of the FUE hair transplant technique and offers patients the possibility of more frequent transplantation. In this method, which is known as pencil transplantation by the public, it is possible to have hair about twice as thick. The roots taken are planted directly into the skin with special pencils. Since it eliminates the channel opening procedure, post-transplantation crusting is minimized.

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What should I pay attention to when choosing a hair transplant center?

Since hair transplantation procedures are surgical, centers that cannot provide sterile environments can be risky. Before making a hair transplant center decision, you should ask for a reference. You should examine the pre-post images of past operations and evaluate whether you will meet your expectations. You should prefer institutions that have obtained other necessary legal permissions and licenses that hair transplantation processes can be performed.

You need to question the reliability of centers that are very cheap or offer everyone a standard price. The hair structure of each person, the hair quality in the donor area, which technique should be used for hair transplantation, and the number of grafts determined for transplantation will not be the same. Like all plastic surgery operations, hair transplantation should be planned individually. Achieving natural-looking lush hair is closely related to the pre-procedure planning process as well as to what is done during the procedure.

Hair transplantation has a surgical nature. The hair transplantation center must have medical equipment that can prevent these complications in case of any complications. Your choice of a hair transplant center is important for both protecting your health and reaching your expectations.