• September 18, 2020
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Hair loss causes & Treatment ways

Hair Transplant Treatment

Nowadays, hair loss is not only a problem for middle-aged people but also for young people. We can gather the factors affecting hair loss under 4 main headings; nutritional problems, psychological factors, physiological diseases, and external factors. In cases where hair loss continues regularly, the patient should see a doctor. Hair transplantation may not be the first procedure in hair loss problem, first the cause of the problem must be found.

Incomplete and malnutrition, fast food habits, heavy diets to lose weight, and related vitamin and mineral deficiencies cause significant hair loss. Again, unhealthy chemicals used under the name of hair care without consulting a specialist can be considered among the main causes of hair loss. External factors such as environmental pollution, radiation-emitting equipment, computers, and electromagnetic pollution can trigger hair loss. Psychological factors include stressful situations such as university exam anxiety, future, job anxiety, and love pain.

After performing the necessary examinations together with hair analysis, a treatment protocol should be created. After revealing the reason for the hair loss before starting the treatment; If there is a hair loss due to nutrition, a special nutrition program is created in teamwork with the dietician. Special nutrients are recommended to ensure hair growth and reduce hair loss. If it is a problem related to stress or anxiety, the person is evaluated with the psychologist. If there is a spillage due to diseases and external factors, it is recommended to remove external factors for the treatment of the disease.

If the shedding has just begun and there is no opening or dilution in the scalp, medicines, lotion, and shampoo are sufficient. If the spillage is excessive and the thinning is excessive, it is beneficial to apply the hair stem cell serum, hair vaccine, and hair filling procedures by choosing the most suitable for the person. If there are openings and the skin has begun to appear prominently, hair transplantation and hair transplantation are performed. The fact that it can be taken up to 3000-3500 grafts without shaving recently does not affect the daily life of the people.

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