• March 21, 2021
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Is a hair transplant permanent?

Meaning of Hair Transplantation

It is also known as hair restoration, it uses micro grafting technology where hair follicles from one area are transferred to another area where the hairs are thin or baldness is there. The surgery is time-consuming and also takes time in recovery. Hair loss happens due to various reasons like stress, health condition, or alopecia.

Is hair transplant permanent?

Yes, hair transplantation is permanent. It becomes permanent as hair follicles are transferred from one area to the other area where it is required that helps in growing hairs at that part naturally. The permanency depends upon various factors like lifestyle, hair type, and age for which a person needs to take care of his body so that hair transplant stays permanently.

If a person feels hair fall due to any factor he should consult a doctor regarding this matter so that his hair will remain good after surgery. For getting it permanent a person should follow the guidelines and procedures prescribed by doctors for its long-lasting.

hair transplant

A person should consider various factors before getting the surgery done to get permanent hair transplantation like choosing a good surgeon and clinic which are best in the surgery, select the area from whom you want the hairs to be planted to the thin area side, discuss the various side effects of the surgery so these are important points to keep in mind for getting long-lasting results out of the surgery performed.

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