• February 8, 2021
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Popular Cosmetic Surgery in the UK and Why people going for these surgeries in turkey?

The most popular cosmetic surgery in the UK is Hair plantation, Liposuction, and breast reduction. Let us understand these surgery types one by one:

Hair  transplantation:

In hair plantation, the hairs are placed from one part to another part of the scalp where the hairs are thin or bald over there. Baldness occurs due to an increase in age, side effects of any medicine or any other factors can be possible.


It means removing the excess fat from the parts of the body which is not getting loose by healthy diet and exercise. The fat tissue mainly found in the hips, tummy, buttock, and thighs or abdominoplasty tummy tuck.

Breast Reduction:

In this surgery, the perfect shape is given to breasts which makes the women happy who are unsatisfied with their breast size or shape.

Why people are going for these surgeries to Turkey?

Various factors invite the patient to visit turkey for cosmetic surgery, these are as follows:

  • Credentials of plastic surgeons: the medical council verifies from time to time the certificates and, credentials of doctors. Also, patients can see all these things on the internet about them. This helps them verify the authenticity of doctors.
  • Cost-Effective: the cost of treatment is very cheap. As compared to other countries like UK, USA, and Europe so patients prefer turkey for world-class treatment at a lower cost. The cost of accommodation, food, etc is also very affordable for patients here.
  • Locally manufactured equipment:  They made the medical equipment in the country itself rather than importing from other countries that save their cost and improve quality of the equipment too.
  • An unforgettable experience: the surgeons performed the plastic surgery in a very perfect manner. The patient will feel an altogether different experience after getting the surgery done in turkey.

People doing surgeries to Turkey let’s join them and visit estexcellent.com