• February 1, 2021
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Recognizing Hair Loss and Hair Transplantation procedures

It is known that each hair strand has a natural life span, and this period is at most 5-6 years for people who are not prone to hair loss in their genetics. It is known that the hair follicle that produces hair then goes into the resting phase and this process continues for 4 months and then hair production starts again.


It can be considered as a cycle when the hair starts to grow again after shedding or transition to the resting phase. In this cycle, 70-80 hair follicles should be shed by going to the resting phase every day.

However, it is necessary to be careful about the number of hair strands shed. If the number of hair strands shed exceeds 100-120, this spill will begin to be noticed over time.

One way to follow this is to regularly monitor the number of hair strands remaining on the floor after a shower in the bathroom, on the pillow or bed after or before sleep, and the number of hair remaining on the comb from combing. Hair loss and baldness can be seen when we throw our hair in our hands in the following periods.


Hair loss at these levels can be described as a disease. However, it may be a wrong approach to characterize hair loss, which differs from person to person, as a disease.

Excessive hair loss in the hair strands can sometimes be a part of a normal event. Sometimes a spill lasting for an average of 2 months can be considered normal. However, if the hair loss process is occurring for more than 2 months, then you may need to consult a doctor.

If you do not know all these above-mentioned processes or if your hair loss is unnoticed due to your busy life pace, you should immediately get help with your hair loss problem at high levels by making an appointment with a dermatologist.

After the examination by your doctor, you should start the appropriate treatment recommended for your hair. Depending on the number of hair loss in your hair, this treatment may include recommendations for you in your diet, hair and skin care cosmetic products, and medicines that will balance hormonal changes in your body that affect hair loss.

Perhaps your hair loss is due to your imperfect hair genes. Hair therapy and treatments to be applied in such cases only reduce and slow down the number of hair loss.


If there are visible oval gaps in your hair and hairless areas that have increased, hair transplantation will be a suitable solution for you.

Considering the recommendations of your doctor in this regard, you can choose the most suitable hair transplant method for your health and restore your hair to its old appearance or consistency before it is too late. You can consider Turkey, as a suitable place for hair transplant and restoration operations.

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