• November 17, 2020
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Recommendations from Estexcellent After Hair Transplantation

As well as hair transplantation, the things that should be taken after hair transplantation are of great importance. One of these issues is the rash and swelling in the scalp immediately after hair transplantation. Patients who are uncomfortable with this appearance want their scalp not to appear until it is fully healed or restored.

In such cases, patients usually wear hats. Doctors recently state that there is no problem in covering the area where hair transplantation is applied with a hat, but attention should be paid to the type of hat chosen. An ideal hat that can be used after hair transplantation should be one that fits on the head but does not touch the transplantation area. Caps and sports hats with a hard top should be used. The hair transplantation area should remain in the space under the hat. The most suitable hats are safari hat-like hats with a hard top and do not collapse. If such hats are not available, golf hats with a hard top can also be preferred.

Apart from the choice of hat, attention should be paid to the position of lying during sleep. Care should be taken not to crush and damage the transplanted hair follicles while sleeping. For this, it will be useful to choose a hard small pillow. It is recommended that you do not lie face down for 2 weeks.

The first 2 weeks after hair transplantation is very important. In this 2-week period, the hair follicles transplanted should be protected very seriously. There are procedures you should pay attention to when choosing clothes to protect your hair. During this period, open-front clothes such as shirts, cardigans and zippered sweaters should be worn. T-shirts, turtlenecks, and undershirts should not be preferred in order not to damage the hair transplantation area.

You may need to make some changes in your social life after your hair transplant procedure. Sports activities, Turkish bath, sauna, swimming, solarium and all kinds of hairdressing services are prohibited for two weeks. It can damage the hair follicles and increase the risk of infection. Hair can be cut with scissors after 15 days. All kinds of hairdressing services can be obtained after 45 days.

Finally, whether the DHi hair transplantation method or the FUE hair transplantation method has been applied to the area where the hair transplantation is performed for two days, it should never be washed or touched with water. The first washing should be done on the 2nd day, 48 hours after the operation. This wash will be done by your doctor or healthcare team. The important thing is to be gentle so as not to damage the hair follicles and not to damage the hair while washing it.

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