• February 16, 2021
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Lip Lift Surgery

What is Lip Lift?

It is a permanent surgical procedure to help in looking lips youthful and also helps in looking the lips pinker. The time taken for doing the procedure is about 20 minutes to 1 hour.

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Type of Lip Lifts

There are various types of lip lifts these are as follows:

Sub nasal bullhorn

It is the most common type of lip lift procedure. The surgeon makes an incision that is hidden alongside the base of the nose, where it is not visible enough. The incision is made in the shape of a bullhorn.


It is also known as “grin lift” because it makes the appearance of the face more smiley. In this two small incisions are done at both corners of the mouth and removes a small amount of skin from there. This is suitable for people who have downturned lips.


 It is known as “gull-wing lip lift” that creates a more defined lip border. In this, a thin amount of skin is removed above the upper lip and pulled the skin upward which creates an illusion that is very noticeable at the pink part of the lip.

Who should go for lip lift surgery?

Older persons should go for surgery to reduce the space between the nose and the lips. With being aged the space increases which makes the lips look thinner. Younger people who want perfection in their lips should go for surgery.

Risks of Lip Lift Surgery

 There are various risks involved like infection, lip lengthening, anesthesia complications, lip distortion, pain, numbness, smile deformation, paresthesia, speech impediment, stiffness, visible scarring, and swelling.

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