• October 20, 2020
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What is Obesity?

What is Obesity? How Can I lose Weight? All living beings live their lives by taking nourishment. Similarly, human beings take food from the beginning of their lives in the mother’s womb to the end of their lives and this has got an essential role throughout their life survival. A newborn only calms down when it is first nursed after its birth shock. Nourishment has an essential role in every part of a person’s life. This is why we have a nourishment style giving us what we need that has been brought through experiences of thousands of years.

On the other hand, the living style that modern life offers us leads to many mental or physical distresses. Especially, an inactive lifestyle, eating disorders, and increased consumption of industrial food brings with an increasing amount of diseases.

Today, while the concept of health is still on a debate, the well-being of a person in both mental and physical situations is well emphasized. Throughout this concept, obesity is the only concern of many health institutions and systems; since it appears like an issue that corrupts physical and mental wellness.

Obesity that was derived from the latin word of “Obezus” meaning well nourished and fat is described as an “Excessive amount of abnormal fat that can corrupt health.” by the World Health Organization (WHO). In our present-day, obesity increases day by day because of the new ways of eating habits means excessive calorie intake, inadequate amount of energy consumption, and long-term energy imbalance caused by both reasons Obesity or Overweight.

There are lots of factors that create the development of obesity. Eating habits, inadequate amount of physical activity, anyone, distress and psychological results of this, weight gain caused by medication, endocrine system disorder, changing factors on age and ethnicity, genetic reasons and infections are accepted as basic reasons and essential ones for the development of obesity.

Obesity Overweight Problem


Obesity is accepted as one of the major health concerns throughout the world; since, it brings with diabetes, heart diseases, cancer, respiratory and articular diseases, and psychological problems.

Obesity that leads to health problems also brings with a dramatic decreasing in living standards, economical loss,  decreasing workforce competence, and a variety of problems in one’s social life. The problems coming from obesity also affect families, friends circle, colleagues,  work environment, and society as well as the obese individuals themselves.

Approximately 1,5 billion adult individuals are over-weight Obesity according to the statistics of the World Health Organization (WHO).

American Medical Association described obesity as a disease to point out its consequences and treatment in 2013.

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