• January 25, 2021
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What to do before Surgery?

If you’ll have an operation, getting ready for it will make the procedure and heal faster. Here are some tips to prepare yourself for surgery.

Get information about your surgery

It’s crucial to be informed well about the surgery. Talk to your surgeon and learn about your surgical procedure. Ask all of your questions. Getting clear answers will make you feel more relaxed.

Consult another doctor

If you are not sure about the surgery, do not hesitate to go to another specialized doctor and get an opinion before.

Learn about Anesthesia choices

Depending on the type of operation you’re undergoing, how you’ll be numbed may change. Ask your anesthesiologist about your options.

Inform your doctor about your medical conditions

Explain to your doctor if you have any other health problems. Giving your surgeon all the information needed will make your surgery safe and have a healthy outcome.

Adjust your weight

Operation involves higher risks of complications if you’re not at a healthy weight. If you’re obese, work with your doctor to get a balanced diet.

Eat right

Consuming foods with all nutrients is essential to support the healing of your body and your immune health. Make sure you eat a variety of foods that your body needs. If you smoke and drink alcohol, quit prior to surgery because these can affect your surgery and recovery process negatively.

Do exercise

Getting exercise will help you recover quickly. Consult your doctor and find out how you can get active safely before your operation.