• March 20, 2021
  • Estexcellent
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Why People Choose Surgery for Turkey and Estexcellent

If we talk about the ranking of Turkey in World for medical tourism it ranks second in Europe and ninth globally for plastic surgery. Surgery for Turkey and Estexcellent

The factors that attract patients to Turkey for plastic surgery are as follows:

  • Plastic surgeons are well educated here
  • They are talented and well experienced
  • It is cheaper than in the UK and the rest of Europe
  • Labor cost is lower here
  • Turkey and Estexcellent have the best medical advancement to treat patients
  • Estexcellent is equipped with the latest generation devices
  • Turkish hospital meets international quality standards
  • No language barrier has to be faced by patients
  • The climate of Turkey is very pleasant

What facilities do you Get if you Get treatment done from Turkey?

  • Estexcellent will provide you service of transfer from airport to the hospital and vice versa, also schedule an appointment for the patient and assist in him every possible manner.
  • The cost of treatment will be less than what is offered in Germany and Israel approximately 30-35% of your money will be saved.
  • The country is very much accessible for persons as it provides a free visa policy to some country’s residents. It is accessible by train, bus, air, bus, or car through Europe and the Middle East.

Key points you should know about Medical Tourism in Turkey

  • Most of the hospitals are located in Istanbul, est excellent is one of the best hospitals there,

It satisfies all of the standards like EU countries follow.

  • The waiting for surgery here is quite shorter if we compare with other western countries say USA, UK. Suppose if a surgery took a waiting time of 18 months in the USA, the UK will hardly take two weeks in Turkey.


We can say that Turkey is best to undergo surgery here and Estexcellent is attracting more patients due to having its advancement in the medical facility.