• February 5, 2021
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Why should obese people choose bariatric surgery in turkey?

What is bariatric surgery?

It is the surgery that is done to reduce the weight of a person. It is the best option for those who are not able to lose weight by doing exercise or by the following dieting. With the advancement in a technology success rate of obesity or, we can say bariatric surgery is very high.

Candidate eligibility for Bariatric Surgery

  • Candidate having a bodyweight of more than 100 pounds or BMI> 40 –Overweight
  • People having BMI>35
  • People who are unable to lose their weight and failed to achieve a healthy weight.

Procedure before Bariatric Surgery

Various are conducted by surgeons of the patients who are coming to have obesity surgery like a blood test, gastroscopy, Ultrasonography of abdominal, etc.

After all the tests the surgeon evaluated the results and decide whether the surgery of the person can be performed or not.

Procedure after Bariatric Surgery gets Over

 The patient needs to stay for 2-3 days in hospitals. After surgery liquid food is given to the patient initially.

After the patient got discharged they have to come for checkups as per the schedule given by surgeons.

Why is Turkey preferred for obese surgery by patients?

bariatric surgery

Advanced Technology:   The healthcare industry of turkey provides quality in their medical service. The surgeons take patient’s conditions seriously and give them proper treatment accordingly there is no such practice of delaying the procedure. The hospitals are equipped with world-class equipment and facilities.

Cost-Effective:  the surgery in turkey is budget-friendly for the patients who are visiting there from home countries for surgery as we compare their price with the facilities.

Turkey provides High-quality medical treatment at affordable rates. Turkey has experienced medical staff, having tourist attractions so preferred worldwide for its medical tourism.

Combo of Vacation and Treatment:  Turkey has its beauty so some of its cities like Istanbul; Antalya offers treatment and natural beauty both. So patients coming here get both the benefits in one to go so who want to miss the opportunity of this beautiful country.

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