• October 20, 2020
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Breast Augmentations Bigger Not Necessarily Better

In 2020-2021 breast augmentations were still among the foremost popular cosmetic surgery procedures requested. Over a quarter-million of those surgeries were performed last year, keep to the Plastic Surgeons. Breast enlargement is going to be a life-changing procedure for ladies of all ages.

Over the past ten years, there are major advances in implant technology resulting in more options and safer choices. there’s a wider range of sizes and profiles available, with more and more women relying on the expertise of their physician to settle on the right size and projection. there’s a trend emerging for a smaller, natural-looking breast. within the first 2000s thru 2010, larger implants were the specified look but as women age, they’re gravitating to sizes that better fit their lifestyle. a perfect C cup breast seems to be the new gold standard.

‘Naturally’ beautiful is that the search for 2020-2021 and with slightly of help from the board-certified and board-eligible physicians at you will be ready to achieve the design you’ve always wanted. demand a complimentary consultation and take advantage of the all-inclusive Boob job special with another surprise gift!