• May 5, 2021
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Eye bag and eyelid Surgery in Turkey

Eyelid surgery is also known as Blepharoplasty. Eye bag and eyelid Surgery in Turkey surgery the defects are corrected which are found in eyelids and enhancing eyelids appearance.  The surgery solves various issues like sagging above the upper eyelid, bags under the eyes and puffiness, etc.

The need for the surgery occurs due to various factors like fatigue, swelling, aging, tiredness, certain medical issues, allergies, and obesity that requires getting the surgery done.


Before the surgery doctor performed various tests for medical evaluation, abstaining from aspirin, herbal supplements, nicotine, anti-inflammatory drugs, and specific medication, etc.

The surgery takes about 20min – 3 hours that is performed using general anesthesia. The rate of success of the surgery is about 98% in turkey which means almost they are successfully performed by surgeons on patients.  The results can be seen in a couple of weeks after performing surgery.

After completion of eye bag and eyelid surgery in turkey, people found edema and swelling around the eyes that will take some weeks to get rid of. Turkey is known for its medical tourism which provides the best facility in medical surgeries there with a high success rate.

Cost Of Eyelid Surgery

The cost of the eye bag and eyelid surgery is about $2000-$3000 for the upper eyelid, $1800-$2000 for the lower eyelid, and $2000-$4500 for both the eyelid surgery.

Various factors affect the cost of surgery like the type of anesthesia used local or general, type of eyelid surgery, the experience of the surgeon, city choice, hospital choice, duration of stay in hospital and rate of recovery, etc.

There can be various side effects of the procedure like in lower eyelid surgery ectropion issue, in upper eyelid surgery there can be inadequate skin removal happens.  In the pre-surgery discussion, the surgeon clarifies to the patient the probability of risk whether it is low or high in his case.