• December 8, 2020
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The Fashion Industry Has a Plus-Size Problem. Solve These Bariatric surgeries

Nowadays most people struggle with obesity it’s not enough they could not find dress properly or old fashion style Going to a store and discovering they only carry up to size 12, even though the average woman is a size…16–18. And finding stores with “extended sizes” that actually run small AF or just don’t accommodate your proportions Imagine you are going store you love some coat Finding a coat that fits all your body parts and doesn’t cost a million dollars.

I need something smaller in the chest and wider in the hips, this shouldn’t be THAT inaccessible.

Buying a swimsuit also a big problem and always having to mix and match tops and bottoms so they actually support your boobs and butt.
Plus size or overweight people if they would like do online shopping result almost the same And then trying to the online shop and inevitably ALWAYS having to return something.

Also when online shopping and there are plus-size options, and yet they’re still using a size, 4 models. So you have no context of what the clothing looks like on you.

People do not want to understand you And when people just assume you’re unhealthy because you’re a bigger size.
At extexcellent.com we have the solution for you if your BMI higher than 35 you can do obesity surgery and You lose weight reach your dream clothes

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